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Muscle Men Inspire Crockett Students

Muscle Men Inspire Crockett Students

[L. to R.] Keith Davis, Isaac Garcia, and Devin Wyman

Crockett’s favorite muscular motivators, Keith Davis and Devin Wyman, returned on Tuesday, Sept. 7th, to spread their example of hard work and championship vision to Crockett’s new 5th grade student body. Mixing inspiring stories along with feats of amazing strength, the two former pro football players emphasized their Three E’s to success: Effort, Education, and Excellence.
Mr. Davis, a former linebacker on the University of Southern California’s Rose Bowl teams, talked to the students about his harsh upbringing and his determination to become the first member of his family to attend college. “Champs don’t give up, they get up!” Keith Davis exclaimed.
Mr. Wyman, a member of the New England Patriots’ 1996 Super Bowl squad, spoke of the second chance he received as a high school student after he became involved with the wrong type of friends and lost his college scholarship. He took that second chance and made the most of it, turning his life around and graduating from college and becoming a player in the NFL. He said that life is all about “making the right choices, listening to the right voices.”
Both men urged the Crockett students to begin preparing now for the school year to come, and the state TAKS tests in the spring. Mixed in with the motivational words were some examples of both men’s physical strength. Mr. Davis, a professional weightlifter, bent a steel bar into a U shape, and the 6’ 8” Wyman did pushups with Crockett Yellow Team teacher, Mr. Salinas, standing on his back. Afterward, the former Patriot lifted a bar high above his head with another Yellow Team teacher, Ms. Duenas, clinging to one end, and Crockett student Ayiasha Thomas from Ms. Hutchison’s class holding on to the other. Wyman then spun them once around in the air! [Their spin is the featured video on our home page! Check it out!]
Finally, the players invited Red Team student Isaac Garcia on stage. Isaac was soon swallowed up in Keith Davis’s Rose Bowl jersey and his Rose Bowl rings, along with Wyman’s Super Bowl ring. Isaac then joined the two strong men as they led the students in one final chant for success, “Big Dreams, Big Effort, Big Vision!”

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  1. desharra burt on September 27th, 2010 4:45 pm

    this website is nice


  2. Alma Garcia on September 27th, 2010 9:23 pm

    That is my son Isaac Garcia with those NFL players :) So proud of him. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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